Revival Casting Contest – Cast YOUR Revival TV Show

With rumors of Revival on NBC television, here is your chance to fantasy-cast the REVIVAL TV show.

Dana Cypress, Martha “Em” Cypress, Ibrahaim Ramin, Wayne Cypress

Cooper Hinch, Lester Majak, May Tao, Jamie Hettinga

Arlene Dittman, Blaine Abel, the voice of the creepy white thing, Professor Weimar

Mrs. Vang, Derek Hinch, Justin Hine, Randy

The Rules:  Nominate an actor or actress to play any character from the REVIVAL comic.  The characters posted above are options, but there are others to choose from.  There are no restrictions on the actor or actress you pick, they can be alive/dead, busy with another show, too expensive, whoever you’d like to pick.  Be fun or serious.  There are multiple ways to get your entries to me…

You will receive ONE CONTEST ENTRY for EACH CHARACTER you cast (characters do not have to be the ones shown above, all characters in REVIVAL are eligible).  All entries must be posted before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on November 21st.  Only use one of the options to enter, multiple entries via multiple options will NOT be counted.  The winner will be chosen on November 25th and notified via their entry method.  Contest is open to everyone!

The Prizes:  One winner, randomly chosen from all entries, will receive:

  • REVIVAL #1 Craig Thompson 1:10 Incentive Cover
  • REVIVAL #1 2nd Print
  • REVIVAL #1 3rd Print
  • REVIVAL #2 2nd Print

Have fun, and check back starting November 26th for some of the casting suggestions!

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  1. Lord Crayak says:

    If only my knowledge of the acting community wasn’t so limited.

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