HACK/SLASH Returns! More C2E2 News!

-Big news to start out with, HACK/SLASH is coming back. Per Tim Seeley’s twitter…

More details as they are available!

-At the REVIVAL Post-Mortem panel, a live action REVIVAL project was announced.  Luke Boyce (@lukeslens on Twitter) is directing.  Stay tuned for more details on this also!

-Here are a couple commissions from Daniel Leister.  His Werewolf Run book is still available to order, or check out his Patreon page!


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How did I miss this one?

Tim posted this back in July…

With everyone playing the hell out of POKEMON GO, I figured I’d post the pitch for the CAT & DOG INVESTIGATIONS pitch we made last year, featuring Cat and Pooch investigating an illegal bio-mutant animal cock fighting ring! Art is by the amazing Romina Moranelli and K. Michael Russel. Letters by CRANK! Cover by me and K. Michael Russel.

That explains it, I was playing Pokemon!


Click for four more pages!
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HACK/SLASH Appearance in I HATE IMAGE FCBD Special, LORD OF GORE #2 Scheduled for February

CASSIE HACK Appearance in Image Comic FCBD Special, I HATE IMAGE

Free Comic Book Day 2017 is scheduled for May 6th, 2017. Per a tweet from Tim Seeley, Cassie Hack and the characters from REVIVAL may be making an appearance in I HATE IMAGE by Skottie Young…




(W/A/CA) Skottie Young

Gertrude has been stuck in Fairyland for decades when she finally hears of a secret passage that may be her way back home. But reaching it is easier said than done as she crosses the border into IMAGE where she’ll have to chop her way through you favorite characters from Saga, The Walking Dead, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Descender, Black Science, Southern Bastards, and any other character I can add to make sure the original art for this issue sends my children to college!


LORD OF GORE #2 Scheduled for February


LORD OF GORE #2  (by D.B. Stanley and Daniel Leister) is currently available for order from the most recent PREVIEWS magazine…


(W) D.B. Stanley (A/CA) Daniel Leister
Hospitalized after a vicious encounter with the Headsman, Danny warns the police about escaped former Headsman actor, and multiple murderer, Garrett Fort being on the loose. But, Garrett Fort is still locked up in a Northern California mental institution. If he’s there, then who’s under the hood? And, Jessica’s twin sister, Abby, arrives from England. It’s getting so you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.
In Shops: Feb 15, 2017
SRP: $3.99


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HACK/SLASH Cosplay and Sketches – NYCC 2016 Edition

HACK/SLASH sketches from NYCC by Tim Seeley…

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A custom CASSIE HACK FUNKO POP from a fan…


And a bunch of Cassie Hack cosplay at NYCC (models unknown)!

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Ani-Mia from Instagram at NYCC…


Also some Cassie Hack cosplay from @brittanyblake_ on Twitter (Photos by Immortal Creations Studio)…

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And another great set of photos with Hillary Lewis  with photos by Kenneth Levine.  Head to Hillary or Kenneth‘s facebook page to see more!

hl1 hl2 hl3

It’s been quiet for awhile, but NYCC and the Halloween season are always great for HACK/SLASH!

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WereWolf Run Kickstarter by Daniel Leister


WereWolf Run is a four issue miniseries, written and drawn by former HACK/SLASH artist Daniel Leister!  Check out the campaign over on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613830066/werewolf-run

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