HACK/SLASH Cosplay and Sketches – NYCC 2016 Edition

HACK/SLASH sketches from NYCC by Tim Seeley…

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A custom CASSIE HACK FUNKO POP from a fan…


And a bunch of Cassie Hack cosplay at NYCC (models unknown)!

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Ani-Mia from Instagram at NYCC…


Also some Cassie Hack cosplay from @brittanyblake_ on Twitter (Photos by Immortal Creations Studio)…

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And another great set of photos with Hillary Lewis  with photos by Kenneth Levine.  Head to Hillary or Kenneth‘s facebook page to see more!

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It’s been quiet for awhile, but NYCC and the Halloween season are always great for HACK/SLASH!

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WereWolf Run Kickstarter by Daniel Leister


WereWolf Run is a four issue miniseries, written and drawn by former HACK/SLASH artist Daniel Leister!  Check out the campaign over on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613830066/werewolf-run

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LORD OF GORE Cassie Hack Covers and Prints Still Available

The Kickstarter for LORD OF GORE (by Daniel Leister and D.B. Stanley) may have ended, but you can still get your hands on books, prints and more, some featuring Cassie Hack!

Head on over to https://lord-of-gore.backerkit.com/hosted_preorder and order now.  The hosted preorders end October 22nd, so get them before then!

logprints loglinecovers logcovers

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HACK/SLASH in LOVE IS LOVE Benefit Book from IDW and DC

Tim Seeley recently mentioned on Twitter that there is a HACK/SLASH piece in the IDW/DC LOVE IS LOVE benefit book scheduled for December 2016. The book is currently available for preorder from your local comic book store using code OCT160480. See below for more details…


Love is Love
Phil Jimenez, Cat Staggs, Steve Orlando, Dennis Cowen, Paul Dini, Ming Doyle, Brian Michael Bendis, Emma Vicelli, Ed Luce, Kieron Gillen, Jay Edidin, and many MANY MORE! (contributors) • Elsa Charretier(c)
The comic book industry comes together to honor those killed in Orlando this year. From IDW Publishing, with assistance from DC Entertainment, this oversize comic contains moving and heartfelt material from some of the greatest talents in comics – – mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today’s world.

All material has been kindly donated, from the creative to the production, with ALL PROCEEDS going to the victims, survivors and their families via EQUALITY FLORIDA.

Be a part of an historic comics event! It doesn’t matter who you love. All that matters is that you love.
FC • 144 pages • $9.99

Bullet points:
· Featuring an introduction by the project’s organizer, Marc Andreyko!
· Featuring contributions from some of the biggest names in comics!

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LORD OF GORE Kickstarter now LIVE! CASSIE HACK Covers and Print

The Kickstarter fundraiser for LORD OF GORE is now live!

Rewards include exclusive covers and prints including an image with art by Tim Seeley featuring Cassie Hack from HACK/SLASH!


logcovers loglinecovers logprints

LORD OF GORE #1 (including the Cassie Hack cover) is also currently available to order via Diamond and your local comic store, but many of the rewards are not available there.

Horror’s most famous slasher franchise has been mired in a dark scandal for years. Can its own screenwriter survive learning the truth?

LORD OF GORE is written by D.B. Stanley, with art by Daniel Leister and colors by Sean Forney.  The book is scheduled for October!

Check out the Kickstarter!

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