Cosplay, Italian HACK/SLASH Volume 2, HACK/SLASH Tops Most Wanted Horror Movie List

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Ashle Danger (twitter) posted these Cassie Hack cosplay pictures of her at NYCC 2014, and posted an interview with Ashle at YouTube.


Frankie Stein (twitter) posted this image of her Cassie Hack cosplay work in progress.


PANINI COMICS has put out the second volume of HACK/SLASH in Italian, MORTA DA SEQUEL, and the third volume, CONTAMINAZIONI LETALE is scheduled for release in November.

EDITOR’S NOTE – Anybody have access to these?  I’d love to get them, but haven’t found anywhere importing them to the US yet.  Drop me a line at if you can help!


HACK/SLASH took the top spot on 411 Mania’s Top 8 Wanted Horror Comic Book Movies.

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NYCC News – Art, Tim Seeley’s New Vertigo Book EFFIGY, HOAX HUNTERS on the Move!

vlad cassievlad

Malcolm “Ole Jade Jaw” Harbatken posted these images of Vlad by Daniel Leister and Cassie and Vlad by Tim Seeley.

EFF-Cv1-previews-R1-copy-58d0d EFF-Cv2-0fa0e

Tim Seeley’s new ongoing series EFFIGY was announced for January 2015 release at the VERTIGO imprint at DC Comics.  See Comic Book Resources for more on the story and an interview with Seeley.

As part of New York Comic Con’s Vertigo: Defy Conventions panel, the DC Comics imprint is announcing that Tim Seeley, who is currently co-writing “Grayson” and Batman Eternal,” will make his Vertigo debut in January 2015 with a new ongoing series titled “Effigy.”

The series, illustrated by relative newcomer Marley Zarcone (“Madame Xanadu”), is about a former Hollywood child star-turned-Z-lister named Chondra Jackson who returns to her hometown of Effigy Mound, Illinois after a sex tape scandal. Troubled by her own personal life, she finds a seemingly impossible crime — a fresh corpse in an ancient Indian burial site. Even weirder, the murder resembles a scene from an episode of the old TV show, “Star Cop,” a live-action children’s show about a kid detective, that she used to star in.


Hoax Hunters is moving to Heavy Metal!  Get all the details at USA Today

Beginning this winter, Heavy Metal will be releasing monthly comics as part of its growth as an all-media company. “Season 2″ of the series Hoax Hunters, which follows a group of supernatural investigators tackling various urban legends around the country, is slated to be the first title on the Heavy Metal brand.

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Cosplay by Angi Viper, Unleash the Fanboy HACK/SLASH Articles, NYCC 2014 Schedules for Tim Seeley, Michael Moreci and Daniel Leister

angi   angi2

angi3 angi4

Angi Viper (instagramtwitter) cosplayed as Cassie Hack at Long Beach Comic Con 2014, and was photographed by ham_saladnelsphotos, goingpostale & texocity and stephenjohnsona.


-Unleash the Fanboy has been getting in gear for Halloween, and they’ve been giving HACK/SLASH some love!  Check out the three articles below…

Tim Seeley’s Schedule for NYCC 2014

Wednesday October 8th

6:00-? – Image Comics Night at Forbidden Comics New York

Thursday October 9th

2:00-2:45 Dynamite 10th Anniversary Celebration Panel
4:30-5:30 Tom Raney, Tim Seeley and Tom King Signing
5:00-5:45 Image Comics: I Is for Immersive Panel

Friday October 10th

12:30-1:30 Tim Seeley, Tom King, Bryan Q. Miller and Cat Staggs Signing
3:00-3:45 Image Comics Booth Signing – Tim Seeley – Booth 1544
5:00-5:50 Dark Horse Booth Signing – Hellboy Stage
8:00-  Multiversity Party

Saturday October 11th

12:15-1:00 Celebrating 15 Years of The Goon: Modern Horror, Humor, and More! Dark Horse Panel
4:15-5:00 DC Champions of Justice Panel
8:00-10:00 CBLDF NYCC Party

Sunday October 12th

12:00-1:00 Dynamite Comics Booth Signing – Tim Seeley – Booth 2022
2:00-2:45 Image Comics Booth Signing – Tim Seeley – Booth 1544

Michael Moreci’s schedule can be found on his tumblr, and Daniel Leister’s info can be found on his deviantArt page!

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In stores Wednesday, October 1st from Image Comics!


OCTOBER 1 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50

The story takes a deadly turn as Cassie, October, and Delroy face off against a horde of monsters led to battle by the legendary God Beast.

HackSlashSonOfSamhain04_Page1 HackSlashSonOfSamhain04_Page2 HackSlashSonOfSamhain04_Page3

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An Evening with HACK/SLASH

The crack staff at made the trip down to Chicago to see HACK/SLASH on stage… ok, it was just me.  And since I won’t go down to Chicago for just one thing, I planned a few stops along the way!


First stop was Toy de Jour, this LEGO man and monkey combo came home with me.  The store was packed with toys, great prices and something for everyone!


The planned trip to Challengers Comics and Conversation didn’t go as well as I didn’t plan for enough time for traffic.  They closed at 5, I arrived at 5:20.  No 3-D Cowboy for me.

theroost chicken

Dinner at The Roost Carolina Chicken was a definite success!  Best biscuit I’ve ever had, great mac and cheese, and the chicken was tasty.

hackslashwindow hackslashcast

Then I made my way to the CIC Theater to take in Strangeloop Theatre‘s production of HACK/SLASH


The play opens with the “Catchers Mask Killer” from the first HACK/SLASH book, moves onto the Dr. Gross scene from HACK/SLASH the Series one, hops to the Candlemas Murderer fight from ENTRY WOUND, and finishes with SLICE HARD.   Slashers include Dr. Gross, the Candlemas Murderer, Hibachi Devil, Acid Angel, Ashley Guthrie (in teddy bear form), X-O, Waking Man, Mortimer Strick and Emily Christy.

Much like the comic, the show incorporated a lot of humor throughout.  The elevator scene was hilarious. The fight scenes were fun, and I avoided the front two rows to miss becoming blood splattered.  Using Alan Knight’s radio show as a voice over during scene changes was a great touch.  Jean E. Burr was immediately recognizable as Cassie and had her attitude perfect throughout the show.  Tim Lee’s Vlad took a little bit to grow on me, but had won me over by the end, making me miss Vlad a little more.  A couple of the slashers really stood out as well.  Kara Charlton’s Ashley was a great use of teddy bear puppetry, and Richard John McLain’s Mortimer Strick nearly stole the show!  (One specific Mortimer Strick gag may have been my favorite part of the production.)

I’m no theater critic, but I know I enjoyed myself, and I think any HACK/SLASH fan would get a kick out of seeing the show.  I also think that it would be a good introduction to HACK/SLASH to anyone that is unfamiliar with the book.

program stuff

Here is the program, postcard, coaster and business card for HACK/SLASH!

I’d like to give a big thanks to Maria at Strangeloop for everything and to remind everyone that shows take place every Friday and Saturday through November 1st!  Get your tickets here!

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