HACK/SLASH Shirt Preview, Nightwing 30 Update

revivalhsts battlepugts

Tim Seeley and Mike Norton shared previews of the upcoming REVIVAL, HACK/SLASH and BATTLEPUG shirts available soon from Superherostuff.com.


DC Comics has announced that Tim Seeley and Tom King will be writing NIGHTWING 30, available May 28th.

The GRAYSON creative team of Seeley, King and artists Jorge Lucas, Mikel Janin, and Javier Garon take on the NIGHTWING finale with NIGHTWING #30, out May 28th.

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Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin Take on DC’s GRAYSON in July


Check out the full story at USA Today

Dick Grayson is trading his superhero suit for secret-agent cool.

Batman’s former sidekick embarks on a new life as an undercover superspy in the comic book Grayson, an action-adventure series premiering July 2 from DC Comics. It’s written by Tim Seeley (Revival) and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer.


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The Tenth Anniversary of HACK/SLASH!


Ten years ago today (April 14, 2004), Devil’s Due Publishing released HACK/SLASH #1.  Congratulations to Tim Seeley, Stefano Caselli and everyone who has been involved with HACK/SLASH over the years!

Here is the original solicitation for HACK/SLASH 1…


Issue Number: volume I
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Cover: Stefano Caselli
Format: 48 pages perfect bound color comic.
Retail Price: $4.95
Ship Date: April

Slashers. You know the genre….some masked nut case chases down and creatively murders a group of attractive teenagers with poor decision making skills, who have unleashed the killer’s repressed psychosexual anger. These movies are associated with popcorn fun. They’re low brow entertainment to take a hot date too.
But for Cassie Hack, this ain’t no popcorn movie. Cassie, the daughter of the notorious Slasher, the Lunch Lady, travels the world with her monstrous partner, Vlad, hunting and destroying Slashers where ever they may be, whatever form they may take. But Cassie may have met her match. The residents of the small town of Eminence, Indiana are becoming victims, one-by-one, of a viscous undead killer and his army of zombie pets. Cassie and Vlad will have to wade, hip deep, through undead hamsters, cats, and dogs to save a beautiful veterinarian from a monster that makes all those “popcorn” Slashers look like Mother Teresa.
From the demented minds of Lovebunny & Mr. Hell writer/G.I. Joe artist Tim Seeley, and Vampirella penciler, Stefano Casseli.

Don’t forget to join us at C2E2 to help celebrate at KISS IT!  THE HACK/SLASH 1oth ANNIVERSARY PANEL!


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A new enemy, a new partner and a new monster threat meet Cassie Hack head-on

Your favorite slasher hunter is back! Michael Moreci (HOAX HUNTERS) and Steve Seeley (HOAX HUNTERS) return to the fan-favorite series created by Tim Seeley—HACK/SLASH—with an all new arc in SON OF SAMHAIN.

When a mysterious cult of monsters arises, Cassie is forced to return to the life she thought she’d left behind. Coupled with a new partner and faced with enemies unlike any she has battled before, Cassie must confront the darkness in the world—and in her own life—in new ways. The agents of evil never rest, and unfortunately for them, neither does Cassie Hack.

The newest chapter in Cassie Hack’s life will appeal to both long-time HACK/SLASH fans and readers looking for a jumping-on point. “Readers are going to get something that is immediately recognizable as Hack/Slash, yet unique in its own way as well,” said Moreci. “I think Tim told the story he wanted to tell, and that’s why he brought in Steve and I—we’re preserving what he did while building a whole new thing. There’s a lot of great stories to still tell with Cassie Hack and, hopefully, Son of Samhain is just the beginning.”

“All biases aside, I’ve been a Hack/Slash fan from the beginning. It’s a smart book with equal parts horror, comedy, action, sexiness; you name it. We knew continuing that legacy would be a difficult task, considering its history and loyal fan base, but Mike and I are damn proud of what we are doing with the book,” said Steve Seeley. “It’s still a sexy, comedic, action-y, horror comic, except it takes two of us to write it now. Mike’s all sexy action. I’m comedic horror. This is our sequel… the next step in the evolution of Cassie Hack.”

HACK/SLASH: SON OF SAMHAIN #1 arrives in stores on 7/2, and will be available for $3.50. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAY140592. An incentive variant cover featuring art by Cameron Stewart will also be available to order with Diamond Code MAY140593.

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KICKSTARTER – #DECEMBOND presents The Last Days of Danger

Check out this Kickstarter project from Four Star Studios member and HACK/SLASH artist Sean Dove!

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