LORD OF GORE Kickstarter now LIVE! CASSIE HACK Covers and Print

The Kickstarter fundraiser for LORD OF GORE is now live!

Rewards include exclusive covers and prints including an image with art by Tim Seeley featuring Cassie Hack from HACK/SLASH!


logcovers loglinecovers logprints

LORD OF GORE #1 (including the Cassie Hack cover) is also currently available to order via Diamond and your local comic store, but many of the rewards are not available there.

Horror’s most famous slasher franchise has been mired in a dark scandal for years. Can its own screenwriter survive learning the truth?

LORD OF GORE is written by D.B. Stanley, with art by Daniel Leister and colors by Sean Forney.  The book is scheduled for October!

Check out the Kickstarter!

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FREE LORD OF GORE Preview Issue Available


Check out the FREE PREVIEW issue of LORD OF GORE on Comixology.  The book is published by Devil’s Due Entertainment and features story by DB Stanley and art by former HACK/SLASH artist Daniel Leister.  Some stores have also received a physical copy of the issue.

Murder, conspiracy, slashers, and the industry behind it all! Get the industry-only view of the horror movie franchise Lord of Gore and its history of blood and decapitation on the silver screen and in real life. As we dissect the mysterious Hollywood murders associated with the franchise and its studio’s financial failures, you can decide for yourself: Does the Lord of Gore’s Headsman really exist and walk amongst us or are these murders just a staged publicity stunt to promote the Lord of Gore franchise?

Go get your free Preview on Comixology now and watch for the Cassie Hack variant cover when the first full issue is released in October!

*Free preview is available from 6/29/16-7/29/16, after that it will be 99 cents!

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Dan Leister HACK/SLASH Sketches

Here are some Hack/Slash skectches by Dan Leister.  See more of his work at his twitter page.

(Also, just testing out posting from a mobile device!  Hopefully more soon!)

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Exclusive First Look – LORD OF GORE Cassie Hack Cover


NEWSARAMA has the news on one of Daniel Leister’s upcoming projects…

Former Hack/Slash artist Dan Leister is returning to the horror genre with his new series Lord of Gore. Leister, along with writer D.B. Stanley, are working with Devil’s Due / 1First Comics on this new series which delves into the idea that a popular slasher film franchise is secretly a true-life snuff film.

We have an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at an upcoming variant cover featuring CASSIE HACK as drawn by Tim Seeley!  Look for LORD OF GORE from Devil’s Due / 1First Comics in the Fall of 2016!


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HACK/SLASH NEWS! Adult Coloring Book, FCBD Book and MiniMates!

After months of no HACK/SLASH news, it’s hitting hard the last few weeks!


-Tim Seeley has produced a HACK/SLASH Adult Coloring Book!  The book will be available at C2E2 this year, or if you are not able to make it at a show get it from Gumroad at HACK/SLASH Adult Coloring Book.


-HACK/SLASH will return to comics in the FCBD Special -3D Cowboy’s Cosmic Convict Challenge(rs).  There is a catch, the book will only be available at Challengers Comics + Conversation on Free Comic Book Day (May 7th).  The book will also feature appearances from REVIVAL characters, Hellboy, Savage Dragon, God Hates Astronauts, Firebreather (!!!!) and more!  Check out the coverage at Bleeding Cool for more information.


-ToyArk.com has in-hand pictures of the Comic Book Heroes Minimates including Cassie Hack from HACK/SLASH and Em Cypress from Revival.  Look for them in comic stores soon!


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