HACK/SLASH TRAILERS Cover Change (from 10 years ago)

Just a quick bit of trivia about the Stefano Caselli cover from HACK/SLASH TRAILERS (2006) and a slight cover change…

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What happened to the skull shirt?  Devil’s Due Publisher Josh Blaylock posted this tidbit on Facebook in response to recent lawsuits from DC and Marvel and the article from The Outhousers “Why are Marvel and DC Suddenly so Trademark Sue-Happy?!

This is nothing new. Once Marvel sent us a cease and desist for putting a cartoon skull on Cassie Hack’s shirt on a cover, claiming it infringed on the publisher (because they own the right to all skulls on shirts I guess). Rather than fight them, we changed the shirt to read “Punish Me”

And now you know.

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  1. Lord Crayak says:

    Hilarious, and vaguely infuriating.

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