Hack/Slash – HEIRATEN, F#CKEN, TOTEN– Marry F*ck Kill in German

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HACK/SLASH – HEIRATEN, F#CKEN, TOTEN is the German version of the HACK/SLASH – Marry F*ck Kill trade paperback. It collects Hack/Slash 9-15 (Image Comics). Bonus content includes a cover Gallery.

The German version has a few notable differences besides the translation, the size of the book is smaller than MARRY F*CK KILL (measuring approximately 5 3/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches), and HEIRATEN, F#CKEN, TOTEN is a hardcover book.


HACK/SLASH – HEIRATEN, F#CKEN, TOTEN was published by Cross Cult in April 2015, and is currently available through Amazon UK or Abebooks. The first twelve  trade paperbacks have been printed in German.

ISBN-13: 978-3864253522
ISBN 10 : 3864253527

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