Hack/Slash – CONTAMINAZION MORTALI – A Third Book in Italian!

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HACK/SLASH – CONTAMINAZIONI MORTALI is the Italian trade paperback collecting a portion of the HACK/SLASH – DEATH BY SEQUEL trade paperback. It collects The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie, Slice Hard Prequel, and Slice Hard. Bonus content includes a cover gallery and a note from Antonio Solinas

The Italian version has a few notable differences besides the translation, including book flaps on the front and back covers. Also, the Italian version does not include the slasher files.

HACK/SLASH – CONTAMINAZIONI MORTALI was published by 100% Panini Comics in November of 2014 and had a retail price of 12 euros.


italian03flapfront italian03flapback


ISBN-13: 9788891210968

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