Cosplay, Italian HACK/SLASH Volume 2, HACK/SLASH Tops Most Wanted Horror Movie List

ashle ashle2 ashle3

Ashle Danger (twitter) posted these Cassie Hack cosplay pictures of her at NYCC 2014, and posted an interview with Ashle at YouTube.


Frankie Stein (twitter) posted this image of her Cassie Hack cosplay work in progress.


PANINI COMICS has put out the second volume of HACK/SLASH in Italian, MORTA DA SEQUEL, and the third volume, CONTAMINAZIONI LETALE is scheduled for release in November.

EDITOR’S NOTE – Anybody have access to these?  I’d love to get them, but haven’t found anywhere importing them to the US yet.  Drop me a line at if you can help!


HACK/SLASH took the top spot on 411 Mania’s Top 8 Wanted Horror Comic Book Movies.

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