Cassie Hack Statue from ShouldBee

The Cassie Hack collectible from has begun to arrive, and here are some in-hand pictures.

Indoor turn-around shots…

sbcassief sbcassiel sbcassieb sbcassier

Outdoor shots for different lighting.

outsidefsbcassie outsidef2sbcassie outsiderscassie

With the design art…

designsbcassie designcsbcassie

And finally, with some ‘friends’…

djsbcassie djsbcassie2 ldsbcassie eesbcassie chuckysbcassie

The Cassie Hack collectible is currently available from


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One Response to Cassie Hack Statue from ShouldBee

  1. says:

    My thoughts…

    It’s a good first effort, but does show the current limitations of 3D printing. From the waist down, it looks great. Unfortunately, the mesh shirt didn’t translate very well, and looks more like a grey sweatshirt with a bra over it. The face looks good from further away, but close up (and with zoom) it comes off very ‘fuzzy’ and not defined.

    I’d still love to see Pooch and Vlad (with Vlad being masked, I think it’d turn out better), and as technology and execution advances, I’d love to see another Cassie somewhere down the line.

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