Get Your HACK/SLASH Cassie Hack Statue!

Head over to now to to order your very own HACK/SLASH Cassie Hack Statue!

She’s got a little surprise for you…

From the pages of Tim Seeley’s comic Hack/Slash, comes Cassandra “Cassie” Hack. A beautiful, bat-wielding vigilante, Cassie travels the country with her partner Vlad, protecting innocents from horrific, twisted monsters known as “slashers.” Make your own horror movie with this exclusive 6-inch custom-manufactured sandstone collectible.

Product Notes:

  • Each Cassie collectible stands at just over 6 inches and is priced at $75.00
  • Each sandstone collectible is custom manufactured and made-to-order, which means it will take about 3-4 weeks to produce and ship after purchase.
  • Domestic shipping is $10.00 / International shipping is $20.00

The statue is based on this art by Tim Seeley…

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