HackSlashInc’s C2E2 2013 Report – Our Con Swag!

Another trip to C2E2 is done and in the books!  I took my daughter Alysa for our fourth Kids’ Day at the convention.  This Sunday seemed busier than previous years, but maybe I’m just getting older and more crotchety.


Our first stop was to say hi to Tim, and Ashley as Cassie Hack was visiting him at the same time!

tsesprint tschprint tsbatman

-Picked up three of the prints that Tim had available, he was already out of the REVIVAL print!


-Grabbed three different art books from Jenny Frison (all three books contain Hack/Slash covers!)

hhsdcc hhml

-Went down the aisle a bit and met Michael Moreci and picked up the SDCC Hoax Hunters Ashcan and the Murder Hoax Hunters building block figure.

dhbooth1a dhbooth1b


-The Dark Horse Comics booth had a large banner on the back featuring both The Answer! and The Occultist.  The image was also available as a print.

worb wora sfcassieprint

Sean Forney had the WARLORDS OF WOR flip book featuring Tim Seeley covers as well as a Cassie Hack print.  (Check out his SCARLET HUNTRESS ANTHOLOGY Kickstarter now!)

hbsf bandnerds

-Picked up HONOR BRIGADE: SPACE FIGHT #2 from Tom Stillwell at Spinner Rack Comics, and THE MARCHING BAND NERDS HANDBOOK from the13thchair.com.

Scan0011a mattgrosscaaats iwantodrawacat

-Alysa picked up sketches from…

twaite alysasr1

-And a Doctor Who Hello Kitty from Tom Kelly!  Alysa also got to check out the Mach 5.

-And as always, picked up a Giordano’s pizza on the way home!  No pictures of that, I was too dang hungry.  Thanks to everyone that I ran into at the convention, we both had a great time!

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