Five Questions with Tim Seeley About HACK/SLASH 24, Reviews

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The following exclusive interview with Tim Seeley contains MAJOR SPOILERS for HACK/SLASH 24. Go read the book first and then come back to read the responses!

1. How was your trip to England and Germany?

It was pretty great! I drew more than I do even when I’m working on a comic, but I got to do it in Europe, and eat really greasy food, and drink great beer. The people were friendly and enthusiastic, so it it was great recharge for me too.

coltnoble2. What’s up with the new Kickstarter project, Mini Comics Included?

It was a crazy idea my brother, Moreci and I came up with…make mini-comics in the style of those that once came with action figures, but for ALL NEW stuff. I hope it gets funded, so we can unleash our cool stories upon the earth.

hackslash24_coverb  3. Where can we find more of Francesco Gaston’s work?

Francesco did my BLOODSTRIKE book for Extreme, and I’m currently figuring out a way to work with him on another project.  (Ed.- Also check out his art blog to see more of his work including some more Hack/Slash!)

4. Things aren’t looking good for Vlad on the last page.  Luckily Samhain isn’t highly skilled with a blade*, right?  RIGHT?

Um….yes. Go with that!vladouchie

5. Next up is HACK/SLASH 25, the last issue.  What twisted scheme have you devised to torture your readers in that issue?

Mwahahahahahaha! I hope people love what we’ve concocted for the cast. Or if they hate it, they hate it very loudly, and bring in some more readers! 😉

Thanks to Tim Seeley for the interview and come back after issue 25 for another Five Questions with…!

HACK/SLASH 24 Reviews

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*Who is laughing now, Vlad?

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