Mini Comics Included, Tim Seeley Art to be Auctioned at C2E2, Top Cow’s Progeny, Jenny Frison Interview

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-Keep an eye on Mini Comics Included’s Tumblr page for more sneak peeks at an upcoming project!  Deadstar Divas comes to us from Tim Seeley and Sean Dove.  The Omega Family has the writing team of Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley with art by Paul Tucker.  Superbeasts is written by Tim Seeley with art by Clint Hilinski.    Prime-8s has art by Brent Schoonover.  Watch Michael Moreci’s Twitter for more info as well!


-This Tim Seeley art was posted to Twitter by MightyMikeNegin

Working on #C2E2 Charity Art Auction & already received 1st piece by the talented @HackinTimSeeley “Apocalypes Chic”


-Top Cow posted an article on their upcoming “Progeny” crossover, running through Artifacts 25, Witchblade 164, Darkness 111 and Artifacts 26.

-Librarian of the Dead featured a Jenny Frison interview in their Women in Horror Comics series.  For more on Women in Horror Month, visit!

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