Tim Seeley to Tour Germany, Revival Phantom Variant Program

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-Tim Seeley is heading to Germany after his appearance at the London Super Comic Convention.  Seeley will be in Germany from February 26th through March 1st.  See the announcement at Cross-Cult.de for more information!

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-The first two REVIVAL Phantom Variants will be available next week at participating stores.  These variants each feature a Jenny Frison cover, and all cover images will combine to form a larger image.  Issues #1 and #6 will be available next week, and future releases will come with each upcoming issue of REVIVAL.

For more information about the Phantom Variant program including participating stores, visit PhantomVariant.com.


-Tim Seeley revealed a 2013 convention print featuring Batman.

EX SANGUINE #4 Reviews


-HACK/SLASH #23 is scheduled for release on January 30th, and one of the covers was featured on Diamond Comics’ website.

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  1. Lord Crayak says:

    There should totally be a crossover with that German slasher series Violent Shit.

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