Hack/Slash Ending, Hack/Slash and Revival Art

-Check out the Tim Seeley interview at Comic Book Resources to find out more about the end of Hack/Slash.


-This Hack/Slash pin up by Tim Seeley will be available as a print at the conventions Tim attends in 2013.


-This currently unused Hack/Slash pin up by Tim Seeley is currently available for sale at Cadence Comic Art.

commission_ash_and_cassie_by_rantz ash_and_cass__colored_by_vehementstudios

-This Cassie Hack/Ash crossover piece was drawn by Randy Kintz with colors by Vehementstudios, and was commissioned by Sam Eggleston.


-This Cassie Hack art was posted to deviantArt by BillJersey.

1356784972023 1356784711611


-Larry from Larry’s Comics posted some of the upcoming Revival Phantom Variants on the CGC Messageboards.  All covers will feature Jenny Frison art!

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