Five Questions (and more!) with Tim Seeley About Hack/Slash 21, Reviews

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The following exclusive interview with Tim Seeley contains SPOILERS for Hack/Slash 21. Go read the book first and then come back to read the responses!

1. Brutal issue!  Last issue was emotionally intense, but the danger kicked into high gear with issue 21.  Will anyone be left by issue 25?

Ha, I’m out for blood, Bohn!  I won’t stop until I’ve ruined everyone’s Christmas.

2. Samhain is dead, long live Akakios, the Murder Messiah.  The seeds have been planted for this since Samhain debuted, and now we see him at full power at the head of The Black Lamp Society.  Is this what you always planned for Samhain to become?

I actually totally did. I actually originally made Samhain for another comic series I was working on, but I had a Hack/Slash idea for him that totally took over.

samhain23. There were a lot of slashers returning this issue, who was your favorite slasher to bring back?

I had a lot of fun writing Lyn/Samhian 2 from the much unloved superhero arc. I’m always happy to bring back Father Wrath too. He’s a pretty old school, no frills slasher.

4. Lots of new characters as well, who is your favorite of the bunch and why?

I have a lot of affection for Brock Hellfrees. I like writing characters who have brockseen it all and feel a certain amount of regret.

5. Where has Ava been since we last saw her?

She’s been helping out Chris and Lisa with the baby.


alanWhy were these characters chosen to die?   Which was the hardest death to write this issue?

I wanted to go for the maximum emotional effect for the reader, and I had to make sure I didn’t just ace new characters with no history or importance. It actually bummed me out to write ALL of the deaths, but the worst one was Alan Knight, as I always thought he was an interesting guy.

Thanks to Tim Seeley for the interview and come back after issue 22 for another Five Questions with…!

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