Five Questions (and more!) with Tim Seeley About Hack/Slash 20, Reviews

The following exclusive interview with Tim Seeley contains SPOILERS for Hack/Slash 20. Go read the book first and then come back to read the responses!

1. This is the first issue for new HACK/SLASH artist Elena Casagrande.  How did you choose her as the new artist, and what has she done previously?

Elena has worked on Angel for IDW and did some various stuff for Marvel. She was recommended by my friend and studiomate, Jenny Frison, who had done covers for some of the Angel books Elena drew. I totally fell in art-love when I saw her stuff.

2. A rare Stefano Caselli cover!  What is he up to these days and why doesn’t he visit more often?

Ste is too busy being a corporate whore over at Marvel. I mean, why bother drawing Hack/Slash when he could be doing Avengers and Spider-Man right? Sigh. I wanna draw Spider-Man.                (Avengers Assemble #9 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Stefano Caselli is in stores now!)

3. Cassie is confirmed to have active “Black Blood” running through her (with the hereditary “Black Blood” being dormant.)  How long has Cassie been prepared to take her own life to prevent herself from becoming a slasher?

I think that’s always been part of her, and you could take her entire mission as a form of a sort of long term suicide.

4. Cassie and Vlad have their relationship talk before the “Black Blood” reveal, and after the reveal Cassie calls Georgia.  Georgia seemed to be a little distracted.  Have we seen Jess before, or is she a new character?

She’s new!

5. This storyline is called Final, and the solicitation calls it “The beginning of the end!”  What’s next for HACK/SLASH?

The plan is to run this storyline through to it’s FINALE in issue 25. Then, we go right into Hack/Slash vs. Army of Darkness! It’ll all make good sense I promise!

BONUS QUESTIONS (Goofy questions I wanted answered, but didn’t want to use up a slot!)

Did you have a tune in mind for the burp/poop song?

Ha, I do, but I don’t think it’s an existing song. I could sing if for ya!

Where IS the chicken bone?

I like to think that Pooch already ate it, but he thinks it’s still out there, tormenting him.

Thanks to Tim Seeley for the interview and come back after issue 21 for another Five Questions with…!

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