Upcoming Hack/Slash Cover, Podcasts, Hack/Slash Animation Update

-Elizabeth Torque has posted a possible upcoming Hack/Slash cover to deviantART.  Check it out in black and white or in color!

-Check out Tim Seeley talking about Revival, Hack/Slash and more on the following podcasts…

-Justin Jordan (Hack/Slash 16, 17) is the writer for Valiant’s Shadowman coming in November!

-Matt Pizzolo updates the status of the Hack/Slash animation in a Bleeding Cool interview.

Hack/Slash has been simmering here for a while because we want to do something really special and unique for it. Sometimes we’re in a position where we know what we want to do, but we have to wait a bit for the available technology to catch up with our vision… that’s where we were for a bit with Hack/Slash, but we’re now in a place where we’re making real progress and we’re all very excited about it

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  1. Lord Crayak says:

    Sweet to hear the animated project is still going on.

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