Press Release – REVIVAL #1 by Seeley and Norton SELLS OUT

New horror series by gets second printing of first issue

Berkeley, CA – July 30, 2012 – The first issue of REVIVAL, the “rural noir” series by Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH) and 2012 Eisner Award-winner Mike Norton (IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS, Battlepug), has sold out at the distributor level after its July 11 in-store date. It will receive a second printing, which will go on sale on August 8 and is available for order now with the Diamond Comics code JUN128065.

A new take on the undead genre, REVIVAL is set in a small Wisconsin town where the dead are returning to their lives as if they’d never left. But as police officer Dana Cypress will discover, they’re not who they used to be.

The second issue of REVIVAL will be in stores on August 15.

“It’s the unexpected that fills Seeley and Norton’s first issue of Revival and promises to keep the reader riveted for future developments. As with Image’s other recent releases Saga and Fatale, this comic is an unexpected windfall that evokes an uncomfortable feeling, piques interest and taunts curiosity. It’s a good read with great art and a weird, wild diversion from anything else on the stands this week.”
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Revival is… a devious little read, in that it deftly bounces back and forth from the frightening, to the truly disturbing, to the creepy, to the weird, to the odd, and finally settles somewhere in the land of mind-shattering terror with a cherry of familial drama to keep the whole thing grounded on top.”
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THIEF OF THIEVES #6 by Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer continued the trend set by the first five issues of the crime drama by selling out of its first printing. A second printing (MAY128287) is scheduled to be in stores on August 1.

SAGA #5 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples also remains one of Image’s strongest sellers, as its fifth issue sold out the week of its release. A second printing (JUN128079) is scheduled to go on sale on August 15.

THE WALKING DEAD #100 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard became the best-selling comic book of the 21st century as it sold out of its first printing of more than 380,000 copies. Its second printing (JUN128066), with new cover art by Adlard, will be in stores on August 15, the same day as THE WALKING DEAD #101.

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