Five Questions with Justin Jordan About Hack/Slash 17, Reviews

The following exclusive interview with special guest Justin Jordan (Twitter – @Justin_Jordan, Blog – Attack of the Librarygorilla) contains SPOILERS for Hack/Slash 17. Go read the book first and then come on back!

1. Tell us about Tradd Moore (Twitter – TraddMoore, Blog – TraddBlog), the cover artist for cover B of issue 17. How long have you been working with him and what else has he done?

Luther Strode is Tradd’s only published worked, at least of this writing, but I know that he has some more stuff coming out later this year. But, really, he should be drawing every comic ever.

Tradd and I have been working together since….2009? I think 2009. So coming up on three years now. And I would happily continue to work with him as long as he will have me.

2. How did you find the voice of the Hack/Slash characters?

I’ve been reading Hack/Slash since the Devil’s Due days, which helped a whole lot. Once I’d plotted out the issues I busted out my omnibus and used that as a guide. That said, it took a couple of tries to get Vlad’s speech patterns right, and the initial draft had Cassie swearing a bit more than is usual.

Hopefully, the characters ended up sounding right. Character voice is one of the more important bits in writing, and I hope I got it right.

3. Any chance for a Hack/Slash – Luther Strode crossover?

Tim and I have talked about it a bit – it was, actually, part of the initial conversation we had when we first met last year. I’d like to do it, but there’s a lot of ducks to get in a row with this sort of thing.

4. How different is the writing process between Team 7 (Issue #0 in September from DC Comics) and your creator-owned Luther Strode?

Very. As was writing Hack/Slash. With Luther, I have absolutely freedom in what I do; I can kill whoever I like, or not kill them, or turn every one into small pink monkeys. With other people’s stuff, you can’t do that. But that kind of freedom comes with it’s drawbacks – you’re working in a vacuum, where there are only the opinions of the creative team so, you know, pressure.

With Team 7, I’m working with characters that aren’t my own, in a universe that isn’t my own. And what I right has to slot in with 51 other books, so there’s a lot of back and forth with editorial. It’s fun and interesting, but it’s a whole different set of creative muscles.

5. Can you tease any of your SDCC announcements?

Sure: Ain’t got none. I do have something that will be announced in the next week or two that is awesome, and another project sometime after that, but as far as I know, there are no SDCC announcements.

Editor’s Note – I had planned to ask how he got his writing assignments, but he had already answered it quite well in his blog!  Also check out The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

Thanks to Justin Jordan for the interview, and come back after issue 18 for another Five Questions with…!

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