Hack/Slash Art, Rare Revival FCBD Variant, Cover Process, Fund Raising

-Check out this Cassie Hack art by alecyl from deviantART!

-Bleeding Cool reports on a rare version of the Image 20 Free Comic Book Day book, featuring the first appearance of REVIVAL.

-To clear up any confusion, REVIVAL is an ongoing book and NOT a mini-series.

-Craig Thompson posted his process for the variant cover of REVIVAL 1.

-EDITOR’S NOTE – With the two year anniversary of Hack/Slash Inc coming up, renewal for hosting and domain comes up too.  I’ve added a Paypal button on the right side of the screen if you’d like to donate.  This isn’t a do or die situation, whatever is not donated will be covered, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask (and I’m only asking once!)  If the goal is met, the button will disappear, otherwise it will be there until the end of August. Contact webmaster@hackslashinc.com with any questions.

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