Five Questions with Tim Seeley About Hack/Slash 16, Reviews

The following exclusive interview with Tim Seeley contains SPOILERS for Hack/Slash 16. Go read the book first and then come on back!

1. Who is Ryan Browne (Twitter – ryanbrowneart) and why did you choose him for issue 16’s A cover?

Ryan is a buddy and Chicagoan who does the excellent webcomics GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS and BLAST FURNACE, as well as SMOKE & MIRRORS for IDW. He’s really talented, and more people needed to see his work!

2. Who are Edwin Huang (Twitter – ironpinky) and Jim Zub (Twitter – JimZub) and why did you choose them for issue 16’s B cover?

They’re the creators of the excellent SKULLKICKERS from Image Comics. I like to work with the other Image guys.

3.  Why did you bring in another writer for this important part of Vlad’s journey, and why Justin Jordan (Twitter – Justin_Jordan)?

Mostly because after the last arc, my ass was just BEAT. I figured I had a strong enough outline for issues 16 and 17 to pass it on. Justin wrote the awesome LUTHER STRODE for Image, and I love his work. And, like I said, I like working with other Image guys.

4.  There seems to be little reference to the Monster Baiting arc in this issue, specifically the syringe.  Is Cassie keeping secrets from Vlad (and the readers)?

Yes. This will be resolved in issue 20!

5.  What was the writing process like?  Did you give Justin a starting and ending point and allow him to fill in the blanks, or was there more of a framework given?

I wrote a rough outline, and handed him some of my old notes, and he went to town! He worked with Jim (James Lowder, Editor) and I a lot to get the little stuff right, but mostly, he killed it.

Thanks to Tim Seeley for the interview, and come back after issue 17 for another Five Questions with Tim Seeley (with special guest star)!

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