Tim Seeley on Reddit, Revival Soundtrack and Website, Not Quite Hack/Slash

-Tim Seeley answered questions in an AMA on Reddit today, answering questions about Revival, Elena Casagrande, his next Hack/Slash arc and breaking into the business.

RevivalComic.com has a link to download the Free Comic Book Day story as well as a collection of the teasers.

-REVIVAL also has its own soundtrack, provided by Sono Morti and available HERE!

-Tim Seeley will be appearing at XCON 2012 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this weekend.  Check out his bio HERE.  (Oooh look, a WILD GAME reference!)

Not QUITE Hack/Slash

-The BATTER UP! Shirt by MrRocks at DesignByHumans takes a little Cassie Hack and mixes it with The Walking Dead. (Thanks to Troilus98 for pointing that out!)

-Double-Barrel Carol from the S.L.U.G. Zombies toy line by Jakks Pacific looks to give My First Maniac-era Cassie a shotgun instead of a bat.  Check out their other designs for a pile of other pop culture references!  Look for ‘Carol’ in stores later this year.

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