Five Questions with Tim Seeley About Hack/Slash 14, Reviews

The following exclusive interview with Tim Seeley contains slight SPOILERS for Hack/Slash 14. Go read the book first and then come on back! 

1. Who is Shane White and why did you choose him for issue 14’s B cover?

Shane is a buddy of mine and an amazing illustrator. He did a couple of cool comics like Overman, Things Undone and North Country. He and I share a love of old b-movie posters, so I knew he’d kill on “Psychosaurs.” Check him out here!

2. Does this slasher cure actually work? Are there any side effects? Seems like a pretty sweet deal, get rid of the murderous rage but keep at least some of the healing abilities of a slasher.

Heh, well, it’s not quite as good as a nice dose of Nyquil, and, well, as we’ll see, there are some downsides.

3. If you could have any type of Hack/Slash merchandise out there, what would it be? I’d go for a nice museum replica of Cassie’s bat and Vlad’s mask.

Action figures goddamnit. Or statues. I’m a toy nerd, and I want some toys!

4. What is the most recent horror movie you’ve watched?

The wife and I watched the golden oldie “Die Monster Die!” the other night, and I was impressed with how much I enjoyed it, and with how little it had to do with the HP Lovecraft story it was based on.

5. And finally, pimp Bloodstrike (coming out next week)…

Okay, if you dig Hack/Slash, think of H/S with unlimited superhero action! Cyborgs! Mummies! Explosions! There’s also a lot of heart, a conspiracy, and gouts of gore! All that and Rob Liefeld does a cover, and Franchesco Gaston kills it on art!




Thanks to Tim Seeley for the interview, and come back after issue 15 for another Five Questions with Tim Seeley!

Hack/Slash 14 Reviews

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