Hack/Slash Crossover Close-Up – Eva, Daughter of Dracula

Real Name: Eva Tepes
aka: Daughter of the Dragon, Daughter of Dracula
Abilities: Decelerated aging

First Appearance: Army of Darkness #10*
Other Appearances: Army of Darkness #11*, Eva: Daughter of the Dragon One-Shot, The Darkness vs Eva: Daughter of Dracula #1**, The Darkness vs Eva: Daughter of Dracula #2**, The Darkness vs Eva: Daughter of Dracula #3**, The Darkness vs Eva: Daughter of Dracula #4**

Eva is the sexy, butt-kicking daughter of a monster who has now teamed with a green skinned, kind-hearted yet violent behemoth to rid the world of evil.  Sound familiar?

Vlad Tepes’ reign as Dracula began when his wife committed suicide due to her fear of him, taking their unborn child’s life as well.   Dracula began a reign of terror, not knowing that his wife survived long enough to give birth to their daughter, Eva.  Eva was raised in secrecy, with her parentage hidden from her.  Eva eventually learned the truth and confronted her father, also meeting Frankenstein’s monster, Michael.  Eva and Dracula both escaped their encounter, but Michael was lost under an avalanche.

Eva was then thrust forward in time by the Necronomicon, again meeting up with Michael.  After more standoffs with her father and a meeting with Ash, Eva and Michael pledged to help cleanse the world of evil.

Eva has appeared on many comic covers, as well as in a crossover with Top Cow’s The Darkness.

Eva and Michael meet Cassie and Vlad in Hack/Slash/Eva: Monster’s Ball.  Part 1 of 4 is scheduled for release in May 2011, from Dynamite Entertainment.  Monster’s Ball features writing by Brandon Jerwa, art by Cezar Razek, and covers by Tim Seeley!

* Collected in Army of Darkness: Ash vs. the Classic Monsters or Army of Darkness Omnibus Volume 1.
** Collected in The Darkness Vs. Eva: Daughter of Dracula.

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3 Responses to Hack/Slash Crossover Close-Up – Eva, Daughter of Dracula

  1. Lord Crayak says:

    Looking forward to this!

    The only thing featuring Eva that I’ve read is the Army of Darkness crossover, back when I still collected AoD comics.

    • webmaster@hackslashinc.com says:

      I would highly suggest picking up Eva, Daughter of the Dragon, sums her up pretty well, gives a backstory, and it’s by the same author (Jerwa) as the Hack/Slash crossover. I didn’t care for the Darkness crossover at all, no Michael at all, Eve dies at the end, I’m guessing they are ignoring that.

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