Hack/Slash at C2E2 – Report and Swag

My daughter and I made the trip down to Chicago for C2E2, and here is a report:

  • Pictured above are Dan Leister (left) and Tim Seeley (right) at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2e2).
  • Tim Seeley made an appearance on the “Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way” panel on Friday, reports can be found at Marvel, Newsarama, and TheOuthousers.
  • Panels on Pages and the PrincessCast held the “Tim Seeley Spotlight Panel” on Sunday.  Some highlights from the show are below, and Panels on Pages will be uploading the video soon.
  • After the first arc in the Hack/Slash series, there will be a ‘break’ issue before heading into the “Fame Monster” storyline, then another ‘break’ issue, then a storyline dealing with Vlad’s family.
  • Will Cassie cross over with Jason from Friday the 13th?  Tim would love to see it happen, but the property is owned by a big corporation.  He said if anyone from New Line wants to make it happen, he’d be thrilled.
  • Tim addressed Cassie’s age, stating he’s going to try to keep her in the teen slasher category.
  • When asked about other merchandise (statues, action figures, t-shirts, etc) Tim said he’d love to have them, just having trouble getting them made.  He is working on a statue deal now.  He also said everything Hack/Slash besides the comic has been hit with horrible delays.
  • Which of course, brought us to the Hack/Slash movie… which is now moving along more than it has recently.  No solid news, but headed in the right direction.
  • Tim mentioned an upcoming Dark Horse Comics project, but couldn’t say any more.
  • If you want to see more Ant-Man & Wasp, let Marvel know, Tim said that is one of the keys to getting something going and that he has the next arc planned.
  • If Tim was a He-Man character, he’d be his childhood creation, the hyena man named… Funnybone-or.  Jack Kraken’s previous name… Gripper.

  • I started a signature collection on Hack/Slash Trailers #2, getting signatures from Tim Seeley, Dan Leister, Steve Seeley, Jenny Frison, Gail Simone, Chris Burnham, Joshua Emmons, Sean Dove, Mike Norton and Zac Atkinson.  I also got a Hack/Slash Sketch Card folder signed by Tim Seeley, Dan Parent, Jon Hughes, Katie Cook, Dave Crosland, Kristin Allen and Jay Fosgitt.

  • Last stop was another stop by Tim Seeley’s booth to grab his prints and the Jack Kraken buttons.

  • And to top it all off, picked up a Giordano’s stuffed pizza on the way home!  I know, not Hack/Slash related, but was an excellent end of the day!

I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone listed above and especially everyone who filled up my daughter’s sketchbook (Katie Cook (x2!), David Crosland, Tim Seeley, Brian J Crowley, Robert Atkins, Dan Parent and Mike Norton)!


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