The Chopping Block – Bump Hack/Slash

What is The Chopping Block? It’s an archive of canceled or re-purposed comic books and other HACK/SLASH items.

Originally scheduled for release from Fangoria Comics in October 2007, the Bump Hack/Slash crossover book was canceled due to the shut down of Fangoria comics in August of 2007. The story lived on, and was published in Hack/Slash #12 and #13, with additional pages added to make it fit the ongoing title. The Bump Hack/Slash material from those issues is not reprinted in any Hack/Slash trade paperback or omnibus, but the Bump Hack/Slash comic is currently available digitally on Panelfly from The Scream Factory for only 99 cents!


Written by: Mark Kidwell
Art by: Tim Seeley
Colors by: Milen Parvanov
32 pages, $3.99

Hack/Slash’s Cassie and Vlad uncover a bizarre series of missing women, and are drawn to the deep south to investigate. It just so happens the trail leads right to the home of Bump’s resurrected serial killer Edgar Dill, and his flesh-hungry Treehuggers! Will Eddie ‘clean’ poor Cassie and use her to fill one of his Huggers, or will Vlad send the monsters back to Hell?

Even the cover was used, split into two parts for Hack/Slash #12 and #13.


(Thanks to James Zahn for the information about the digital version of BUMP HACK/SLASH!)

(This should be the last edition of The Chopping Block for awhile, if there are any other canceled projects that I missed, please let me know!)

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